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Songful: Melbourne Acoustic Duo, (Jazzy Pop)

Feeling Good Feeling Revived

Christina del Mundo: Vocals and Guitar

acoustic Duo  Melbourne  Christina del Mundo

Best Pop at the Avima 2009. #1 MTV Weekly Countdown 2007. Signed Artist: Terno Recordings.

Just like her latest release, the album was oozing with a unique charm and sound ”

“Top charismatic, jazzy, pop-folk….. ”

Thomas Lorenzo: Composer, Guitars

Acoustic Duo Melbourne  Thomas Lorenzo

His latest CD Spanish Breeze has achieved top 30 in the USA World Music charts . He performs with Grammy award winner Alphonso Johnson , Bruce Sugar ( Ringo Star ), Dave Garfield( Benson) and Walfredo Reyes ( Santana).

“Lorenzo jams and bobs around some incredible music that sounds like Prince when he was doing his mad house albums but with focus on him and not Eric Leeds Saxophone…l.” This is Books Music   (2010)

acoustic  duo melbourne stage

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