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Songful delivers unique acoustic wedding music that will add that special touch to your very special wedding day.



Best Melbourne Acoustic Duo

Best Melbourne Acoustic Duo

Quality. Perfection. Beauty.

These are the words thrown around when it comes to this talented best Melbourne acoustic duo.

This is one of those duos that has captured the attention of thousands and continued to prosper as time goes on. Here is more on what makes this duo special.

Brilliant Vocals

It all starts with the outstanding vocals with this duo.

The audience will be in awe of the craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is one of those joyous moments in one’s listening journey that is going to leave you wanting more. Why not enjoy what this duo brings to the table?

Mesmerizing Music

What is the most important part of listening to acoustic music?

The genre is all about providing alluring notes and hitting those mesmerizing strings that are hard to ignore. This duo does it best and has an incredible understanding of what it means to get the most out of their music.

Robust Local Talent

There is a certain magic behind this duo that is going to ring true with the audience.

There is nothing better than getting the local ethos to come out in full flight with the help of music. This is what a great acoustic duo can do in a matter of seconds. Those who are looking to experience this to the fullest and want to have a very good time will know it is best to look at this duo.

This is a world-class duo that has been around for a while and has a great understanding of what it means to add emotion to their work.

Enjoy the beauty of this Melbourne acoustic duo and feel the nuances of their work right away. This is one of those top-flight experiences that is going to blow you away and give you goosebumps for days.

Thomas Lorenzo is also performing his personal creative flamenco compositions at the Armadale Uniting Church on July 28 at 7pm.

Beautiful French Wedding Music

Beautiful French Wedding Music

Weddings are a beautiful moment in one’s life and one of the most memorable as well.

To ensure everything is in sync and gives off the right ethos, it’s important to look at the wedding music. It is the music that will set the tone and ensure everything works out as intended. For those who are choosing their theme and music, it’s time to look at the beauty of French wedding music.

What makes this one of the better options on offer? Let’s take a look.

Rich History of Music

French history is soaked with great musical professionals who are well-regarded around the world.

It’s this rich history that exudes elegance and illustrates why French music is the way to go. The history is fantastic for those who want to get more out of the music that’s being created.


When it comes to the music and its production, you will be looking at something that’s balanced, peaceful, and easy to the ears.

What more can a person ask for when it comes to their wedding music? This is what makes it an elite fit.

Ideal for Formal Occasions

One of the biggest concerns a person will have while deciding on music is how formal the production is. You don’t want to go with music that is peppy or “over the top” as some may like to call it. This is why it is smarter to look at an ideal option that we build to meet your needs.

French wedding music is the real deal and is the ultimate option for couples wanting to bring life to their wedding. It is your big day, and you deserve to have something special playing in the background while walking down the aisle.

Why not lean on French wedding music and make the most of it?

Wedding Ceremony Music

What Kind Of Wedding Ceremony Music Are You Going To Have?

Don’t you just love wedding music? That is of course because of the fact that a wedding is taking place, and so any music involved is great. While that is true, you certainly want to pick good wedding music, and then of course you have the traditional wedding song where the bride enters. That is always a favorite of course. Other than that one song, there are also other traditional wedding songs as well.

Then you have the wedding songs that you choose yourself. Who is in charge of the music? You need to pick a song for the first dance and the father daughter dance. Of course, there are different families and wedding situations, so it can vary as to what songs you pick and for what reasons. You have to decide what type of music you want for the reception and what you think others will enjoy, too.

Of course the wedding ceremony music is different from the music of the reception. You have to plan out how you want the wedding ceremony music played as well. And again, you can have more than just the one traditional guitar song played during the wedding because it is all in how you want to do things. So what is it going to be?

If you ask me, I would certainly like the wedding ceremony music to be traditional only. Then the reception should be all kinds of fun. Instead of hiring a wedding singer or just having a DJ, I would have live music. Well, a DJ would be cool, too. Then you could also have karaoke if you want. That would be really cool, but it is a good idea to make sure that you have a good setup. Hey, the point is it is going to be a beautiful ceremony and a great reception.

Add a touch of Spain to your next musical event

Best Live Wedding Music Band

How to Find the Best Live Wedding Music Band in Melbourne

When it comes to wedding music you have a few choices. Live wedding music has become a popular choice because it adds something unique to this special day. The problem most couples have is that they don’t know how to find the right band for their wedding.

Best Live Wedding Music Band

The best bands to look for are those that play music specifically for weddings. This means they have a large selection of popular songs to play. They are also able to take requests, so you can have the music you like at your wedding.

When selecting a band you need to make sure they can play the music you like. If you like slower songs than a rock band may not be a great choice. However, if you hop to rock out at your wedding the rockers would be perfect.

The band should have a wide selection of songs to choose from. You want to have the basic songs set before the big day and you need to make sure the band knows them. You don’t want to discover the band doesn’t know the words to the first dance song, on the day of the wedding.

Get recommendations from others that have had weddings that had the type of live wedding music you liked. After you have the names of a few bands you can contact them for a demo or hear them perform. You need to hear the band before you hire them.

When you find a band you like, book them as soon as possible. In Melbourne, live music performers can get booked quickly especially if you’re getting married during the busy part of the wedding season.

Live wedding music can give you the opportunity to create a unique wedding experience. Finding the right band can ensure the live music is a success.

Flamenco Latin Guitar. The Party Mix

A selection of groovy Flamenco latin  Guitar music by our Guitarist Thomas Lorenzo.

Melbourne Wedding Guitar Player

Hiring A Professional Melbourne Wedding Guitar Player

When you are planning your Melbourne area wedding, you are going to have a lot on your mind. Not only will you have the venue, food, attire and flowers to think about, but you will want to think about your entertainment. If you are hoping to hire a professional Melbourne wedding guitar player, you can take the time to look through all of your options in the area.

Hiring the best musician

for your wedding will help you to really create a wonderful event that all of your loved ones will remember for quite some time to come. You can start off by seeing if you have any friends or relatives who will be able to give you a recommendation on the best person for the job. From there, see if you can get recommendations from some of the other vendors that you are enlisting for your wedding ceremony and/or reception. As a matter of fact, there are some wedding venues that will be happy to share information with you on some of the different musicians that they have worked with in the past.

Are you looking for a solo wedding guitar player for your wedding, or would a duo or trio be better? Once you have narrowed down some of your options and you have the person who is able to play the right style of music for your event, you can then meet with the person to see if they will be the best fit.
Melbourne Wedding Guitar Player.The wonderful thing about hiring a Melbourne wedding guitar player is that  the possibilities are endless and you will really have a memorable experience when you are able to select the best and most talented musician for your wedding.

Brighton International Wedding Venue, Acoustic Music

Brighton International Wedding Venue, Acoustic Music.

Another unforgettable wedding,  another day to remember with joy.

Brighton International Wedding Venue, Acoustic Music

I have had the privilege of sharing the special day of hundreds of married couples throughout my musical career.  In Melbourne,  I regularly  perform at corporate events, private parties,  jazz concerts and at my own creative guitar concerts. When I perform at weddings, magic occurs. Either when I play solo or in duo, the careful planning with the bride and groom of the musical to be played , how and when, create the ideal scenario for music to come alive.

At my last wedding ,at the Brighton International Wedding Venue, I was delighted to see how the bridesmaids walked in sync to my compositions towards the ceremonial area. Such beauty in movement enhances the beauty of my playing.

Music is an important part of our lives and weddings can be the foundation stone of such. I believe playing the correct music for a ceremony and or reception, enhances the beauty we deserve on one of the most special days of our lives.

The Brighton International Wedding Venue. (The International of Brighton)  have a delightful garden where the ceremony is held. The interior is also most adequate and spacious. I must also compliment the food and the service. The waiters were extremely into my ethnic playing or interpretation of 70s 80s 90 hits.

Here you may find all the the upcoming dates of my new concerts in Melbourne at the Paris Cat or at the Armadale Uniting Church.

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Thomas Lorenzo CD sales and downloads

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

For those couples, that are planning their wedding and wish to come to one of my concertsm please  send me a  line and I will gladly forward you complimentary tickets to one of our Melbourne Acoustic Music Concerts

Melbourne Weddings

Melbourne Weddings

Melbourne Weddings

Melbourne Weddings represent a joyous social occasion. I feel delighted every time my music fills the air and accompanies the bride, groom, family and friends on the start of this journey, of this special commitment we all long for. I cannot help, but to smile with joy, every time the crowd roars with applauses, once the married couple is finally presented as Mrs and Mr.

The acoustic music, our Melbourne Duo, chooses for the ceremony and reception, must be performed in a manner that accompanies the beauty and joy of the special occasion. It is our job to make all guest feel radiant and take home with them an ever lasting memory.

For all our Melbourne weddings, our  acoustic duo meets up with the bride and groom to plan what music will be played and when. We also decide on the most appropriate wedding ceremony composition, dance tunes and bridal entrance themes. It is our objective to create the desired ambience, with our Melbourne acoustic duo, to accompany the bride, groom and all the guests from the very beginning of the day until it is time to rest and go home.

During the year 2016 I will be hosting a series of Melbourne Concerts . At these concerts I show case, not the music of our Melbourne Acoustic duo but my creative artistic values through flamenco and jazz.

If you are getting married soon and like to hear what I believe joy is, please drop me a line and I will definitely send you a complimentary pass to have you with me during one of my concerts.

In my upcoming Melbourne concert I will have the pleasure of having with me 26 couples, that I have had the honour of playing for them at their Melbourne weddings. I believe what will bring us all together again is to share the same concept of what music is for to feel good about life. Come and join us.


Melbourne Weddings

Melbourne Guitar concerts: Jazz and flamenco

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Australian Wedding Expos Songful Acoustic Duo

Australian Wedding expos Songful Creative Duo

Why You Should Visit Australian Wedding Expos If You Are Planning A Wedding

If you are planning a wedding it would be a good idea to visit Australian wedding expos. If you do, you can get good ideas, talk to vendors and have a better idea of what you want to do on your special day. They are a way to start the process or to get a lot done all in one day.

When you go to the expo you will want to do so with enough time to check everything out. You don’t want to be rushed and have to miss anything because you run out of time. You want to be able to stop by every booth if you are able to so you can see what they have to offer.

If you know your wedding date already it will be easier for you to talk with the vendors. They can see if they are free that day and if they are not you can keep looking. You don’t want to waste your time looking into vendors that can’t work on your special day.

It would be a good idea to go to the Australian wedding expos with a wedding planning binder. That way you can put everything you need into it and write down notes. You might not be able to remember everything once you get back home.

While you are at the expo you will have a chance to look at dresses, photography, DJ services, try cake, try different foods and do a few other things to help you prepare for your wedding. There are a lot of things to look at and think about for your own wedding. Once you get home you will want to go over everything, especially if your future spouse was not able to go with you.

If you can, take your mom or a good friend to help you look at everything at the expo. They can help you decide on thing and it is fun to go there with other people. If you can, also take your future spouse. They probably have a lot of say in the wedding and would want to be apart.

Look in your local paper to find out about the expos. Make plans to go to a few of them to help you with your wedding planning. They are such a great help to get you ready for your wedding.


Melbourne Guitar concerts: Jazz and flamenco

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How To Find Melbourne Acoustic Music Lessons

How To Find Melbourne Acoustic Music Lessons

These days, many people are saying goodbye to hip-hop, rock and other contemporary music and looking for something that has a bit more soul. As a result, there is an increasing popularity when it comes to acoustic music. If you are looking to play this type of music and you are not sure where to go for lessons, here are a few pointers.

Melbourne Acoustic Music

Online Specialty Search Sites

There are sites out there that were created to help people in Melbourne find the music lessons they need. All you have to do on one of these sites is designate a few preferences and watch the system work on your behalf. Examples of inclusion criteria used to narrow down your options would be music type, location and gender of the instructor.

Head To Amateur Nights

This is a great resource for people seeking Melbourne acoustic music lessons. Talking to some of the performers can give you a great deal of insight. For example, if they went to a particular school and had a difficult experience with an instructor, this will give you a good idea of who needs to be crossed off your list of consideration.

Advertise On Bulletin Boards

You should try creating some type of advertisement and having it placed on local bulletin boards. Even if someone seeing it is not an instructor themselves, they may give you a call and lead you in the direction of someone that can help. Keep in mind that you sometimes have to pay a small fee in order to be considered for bulletin boards, but that will depend on the owner of the property where you want to post it.

Online Forums

There are countless forums out there devoted to melbourne acoustic music. Head to one of the forums that are popular with people from Melbourne and you will be on the right track. In some cases, there are sections of the site where people can advertise their services, so be on the lookout for something like this. Otherwise, browse around to see what you can come up with.

If you are looking for music lessons, they are not always easy to find. With that said, the advice here will certainly give you a push in the right direction. It may take a while before you are able to find someone who is a great fit, but be patient and keep looking.


Melbourne Guitar concerts: Jazz and flamenco

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Libros de musica: El arreglo un puzzle de expresion musical

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Melbourne Wedding Expo

Why Attend A Melbourne Wedding Expo

Are you going to get married in the future? If you are, and you are located in Melbourne or the Melbourne area, then you might want to consider attending a Melbourne wedding expo. There are a few reasons why you should go to one, and some of these reasons will now be discussed.

1. View Various wedding Items- One of the reasons why you should take a trip to a wedding expo is because of the various items you can view while there. Anything wedding related can usually be found at an expo, and this includes everything from wedding dresses to cakes to rings and anything else you can think of. Not only can wedding items be found at an expo, but you can also find services offered by professionals, such as wedding photographers, designers and so forth.

2. Get Great Deals- Weddings can become very expensive very quickly, and this is because you have to spend money of various products and services, and you could easily spend more money than you had originally planned to spend. This is another reason why you should take a trip to a Melbourne wedding expo. Not only does an expo has many items and services you can check out, but you can land some great deals that are very hard to find, so if you want to find a good deal on various items and services, then make sure you pay a visit to a wedding expo.

3. Come Up With Various Ideas- When it comes to planning a wedding, things can become hectic and stressful and you may find it hard to come up with different ideas for your big day, and this is another reason why you should head over to a wedding expo in Melbourne. A wedding expo is a way for you to connect with various vendors that are involved in the wedding and bridal industry, and this means you could end up getting a lot of different ideas for your own wedding. You can view the various products that are being sold at the wedding expo and this may lead to you getting more ideas for your wedding.

Also, you can speak with professionals at an expo, and these professionals may provide you with great ideas. You might even find that you want to hire a professional to plan your wedding, and best of all, you may find that it is quite affordable to hire a professional. If you want to possibly save a lot of money, as well as come up with great ideas for your wedding, then consider visiting the wedding expo in Melbourne.

There are many other reasons why you should visit the Melbourne wedding expo. The three above reasons are just a few of the many. If you want to experience all of the above benefits, as well as many other benefits, then you should visit a wedding expo in Melbourne as soon as possible, as the sooner you do, the sooner you could have the wedding of your dreams.

melbourne wedding expoHere we have some of the next Melbourne Wedding expos

Mornington Peninsula Wedding Expo 2015

When: 14th June, 2015 at 11am-2pm
Where: Peninsula Community Theatre, 90 Wilsons Road  Mornington , VIC

Cleveland Winery Wedding Food & Wine Tasting Dinner

When: 26th June, 2015 at Wine/Cocktail Tasting starts 6 pm, dinner follows on
Where: Grange Cleveland Winery, 55 Shannons Road, Lancefield, Victoria

Wedding Expo at Rosebank

When: 5th August, 2015 at 6-9pm
Where: Rosebank Receptions, 149 – 151 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood North, VIC