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Melbourne Weddings

Melbourne Weddings

Melbourne Weddings

Melbourne Weddings represent a joyous social occasion. I feel delighted every time my music fills the air and accompanies the bride, groom, family and friends on the start of this journey, of this special commitment we all long for. I cannot help, but to smile with joy, every time the crowd roars with applauses, once the married couple is finally presented as Mrs and Mr.

The acoustic music, our Melbourne Duo, chooses for the ceremony and reception, must be performed in a manner that accompanies the beauty and joy of the special occasion. It is our job to make all guest feel radiant and take home with them an ever lasting memory.

For all our Melbourne weddings, our  acoustic duo meets up with the bride and groom to plan what music will be played and when. We also decide on the most appropriate wedding ceremony composition, dance tunes and bridal entrance themes. It is our objective to create the desired ambience, with our Melbourne acoustic duo, to accompany the bride, groom and all the guests from the very beginning of the day until it is time to rest and go home.

During the year 2016 I will be hosting a series of Melbourne Concerts . At these concerts I show case, not the music of our Melbourne Acoustic duo but my creative artistic values through flamenco and jazz.

If you are getting married soon and like to hear what I believe joy is, please drop me a line and I will definitely send you a complimentary pass to have you with me during one of my concerts.

In my upcoming Melbourne concert I will have the pleasure of having with me 26 couples, that I have had the honour of playing for them at their Melbourne weddings. I believe what will bring us all together again is to share the same concept of what music is for to feel good about life. Come and join us.


Melbourne Weddings

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Joni Mitchell, an inspiring composer|Songful: Artist Insights

Songful. Artist Insights on Help me by Joni Mitchell

joni micthell

Christina del Mundo  shares her thoughts on this track

“My dad asked me just the other day, “Do you have a favourite song?”. I thought about it for about a second and said, “It would have to be Help Me by Joni Mitchell.”. When he asked why, I said it’s for many reasons. This particular song reminds me of my best friend who was the one who introduced it to me and taught me how to play it on guitar. He passed away a little while ago so this song is very special because of that. Help Me brings back memories of past loves who have come and gone. Also, it reminds me of my musical life back in Manila and also as an acoustic duo here in Melbourne.

I always have mixed emotions whenever I hear or cover this song. I think it creates a happy but melancholic mood, she’s excited but anxious at the same time. Joni Mitchell’s music is definitely for the hopeless romantic and those who know what it’s like to love something that is not good for you at the end of the day. Lastly, it’s for people who can simply appreciate a beautiful melody.!