Melbourne Live Wedding Music with Songful

 Melbourne Live  Wedding Music  

Songful: Feeling Good, Feeling Revived

Melbourne Live Wedding Music Songful

Songful: Feeling Good, Feeling Revived

Mebourne Live wedding music songful duo

Artist Insights

What makes songful tick ?

As an artist, my soul objective is to deliver sincere emotions through the music I play. This music may be of others or mine . A wedding is no different than a live concert. I perform in the same manner and the result is that of creativit , magic and enjoyment for all.

A wedding is a special day where we all get together to celebrate the past of who we are and the future of who will we be. In a manner of speakingm it is the foundation of our existence .

People get together in marriage, to bond, to share , to thrive in life . The result is love, maybe children , friends and the real pathway to feeling good about life.

Music is composed as a result of love. I believe that without bonding there would be no love. Music would have no space in our hearts.

What other styles of music do you perform?

Songful delivers unique Melbourne live wedding music and reinterprets our loves songs of the past and brings them to life in a creative manner. I am also a composer and love to take my music to further extreme expression. That I achieve through my live concerts, which you can find through this link.

I stage them at the Armadale Uniting Church. If you are getting married and wish to see me live, please send me an email and I will organise a pass for you .

Occasionally, I also perform at other venues in the city, as the Paris Cat Jazz Club. In this link,you can read about my next concert with Tamara Murphy on Bass and Darryn Farrugia on Drums.

If the reader would like to hear my creative side and participate in classification of my music by emotions, please go to

Underneath each song, visitors may leave comments, sharing their feelings about what the sound describes in emotions to them. Through this social interaction, I am surprised to read how much all humans are alike in emotions. This gives me faith for a peaceful future coexistence of our species on this planet. “

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