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I adore my work as an acoustic music producer

I am happy to announce a delightful commencement of the new year, with exciting new musical projects to embark on as a composermusic producer and guitarist. Yes, I adore my work as an acoustic music producer where musicians can express themselves with individuality. Heavily processed and produced music can downgrade the individual nuances, that from my point of view are what makes music interesting. 

I would like to invite you to read my music production post series on songwriting music production, where I share insights on how to deepen your range of expression through harmony melody, arranging and music production. 

Creative Guitar Music School

I would also like to invite you to read about all music learning activities we offer at our Creative Guitar Music School in Melbourne. Please visit the site to follow our upcoming student activities and concerts where these potential artists showcase their talents, in blues, jazz, rock and flamenco styles.

Concerts and Tours

Music Producer

During the recent year, I have also had the pleasure of touring the South Coast of NSW , Australia through Wollongong, Batemans Bay, Berry, Bega  with the flamenco vocalist, Angel Mellado,  and Colombian percussionist Gustavo Moreno.

Alongside Ben Robertson on bass,  I will be returning on March 16 to perform in Wollongong at the Music Lounge inside the Town Hall . Please join us for an evening of exciting Spanish Guitar Music bringing to life my own composition and those of others, to ensure we enjoy a celebration of music that make sour hearts vibrate with joy.

Recording Studio

My recording studio is also getting a new upgrade with the latest Thunderbolt Apogee Digital interface and automated mixing desk. Furthermore, I am also very happy to be able to share my expertise with some of Melbourne most talented son writers, recording and recreating their compositions to achieve, shining faithful reproductions of their music talent. Take a peek and listen to our latest productions. 

Songwriting Music Production – Summer tour- Guitar Holiday Season

Songwriting Music Production Services

Record and Recreate.

Ahh !!! the beauty of the recording studio, the ideal place for songs and songwriting to blossom.  The studio allows us all the create with great detail.  Also,  as a producer and arranger it brings up in me, my need of contemplation, in all songwriting.

The studio, is the one place where I can choose and modify timbres at will, to create the spacial adventure a song requires. 

I attended Berklee College of Music and studied both Music Production and Engineering and Arranging. There fore, my knowledge of what production is,  is a mixture of sound techniques, orchestration and arranging. I can imagine both harmonic and spacial concepts simultaneously in all songwriting.

When ever I record,  I feel like I am jumping into a rollercoaster where ideas, sounds, textures just keep on flying by,  and all I need is to stick out my hand and grab the idea like best.

Send me your demos, and if they comply with my production criteria I will assess, tell you what you need at no cost. I am eager to listen to your creations, so please hurry and send them to me. 

Songwriting , record recreate

Wollongong, Bega, Berry , Batemans Bay Guitar Tour

Summer is definitely amongst us in Australia and touring is my  heat wave passion.  During the first week  of January, I will be performing a selection of compositions of my latest albums on the South Coast, of New South Wales in Australia. 

I am happy to be performing in my hometown,  Wollongong on Jan 3. On Jan 4 we will be in Berry, Jan 5 Batemans Bay and Jan 6 Bega, the cheese capital. 

Book your tickets now, The Roller Coaster Guitar Show 2019

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

Well, you have been learning for a year, and you need to cheer up all your family and friends , with all the new music you have learnt. There fore,  our  Guitar school is closing down for a few weeks, to accomodate your holiday commitments.

Please join us and develop your creative talent with us. We cover all styles as jazz, blues , funk, flamenco, and pop